How To Determine The Safe Combination

By Scoping The Change Key Hole

This is a half day "Hands-On" Class



Areas Covered

Combination lock design.

Methods of opening.

Lock failures – Troubleshooting

Methods of defeating the safe lock.

Understanding “Relationship Combinations”

How to determine when to drill.

How to determine where to drill.

Demonstration of several scopes and monitors.

How to determine the combination by scoping the change key hole.


Every Student Will Receive The Following Items.

Sargent & Greenleaf Mechanical Safe Lock Guide

Printed class outline.

Certificate of class completion.

Discount coupon for scope purchase from distributor.


Every student will have hands-on time with materials at their desk and also with the mounted display locks that we will scope. Every student will learn this method of entry and be able to perform it in the work place. After the half day class presentation, the instructor will stay as long as students are interested in practicing with the display models and scopes.

If you are interested in having this educational class presented for your organization,

Contact - Bob Turner



The instructor has forty years of experience and is a member of Edit Text