Safe & Vault Services



We provide professional safe and vault services for homes, business, non-profit, institutional, and governmental applications.

We can change combinations for all the brand name safes, such as Mosler, Meilink, Major, LaGard, Gary, Herring-Hall, Amsec, Diebold, Sentry and more. Our safe and vault services include repairs of dials, safe locks and bolts, and digital entry systems.

We can reset faulty combinations, troubleshoot any issues, and perform professional safe repairs to get your safe working right. LDI'S extensive safe and vault services also include opening and repairs of safe deposit locks, and we are well-acquainted with dual-nose and hotel and bank safes and vaults.

LDI can provide you with top-notch safe and vault services throughout the Kansas City area. Give us a call and we'll handle your safe and vault service needs. Let us dispatch a professional serviceman to deal with your situation properly.